9:00 Registration and coffee

9:20 Welcome

9:30   Prof Bruce Gilbert (Bishop’s)

Power and the Good: On the Calling to be a University

Chair: Prof Stephen Houlgate

10:45   Ideas of the University     

Johannes Niederhauser (Warwick) The Humboldt University Ideal

Christopher Ivins (Warwick) Why Have the Universities Stopped Teaching the Meaning of Life?

Dr Simon Grimble (Durham) Against Burying Your Head in the Sand: Polemical Intelligence in Stefan Collini’s Writings on Universities

Chair: Dr Eileen John

12:45    Property, Knowledge, Data

Felipe Figueroa Zimmermann (Warwick) Academic Freedom, Intellectual Property and the Autonomy of Cultural Production

Hannah Hickman (Sheffield) Piracy as Resistance: The Question of Sci-Hub and “Free” Access to Research

Clémence Pinel (KCL) The Metrics of Dependence: Research Entrepreneurs in an Epigenetics Laboratory

Chair: Lara Choksey

14:15 Prof Shaheen Sardar Ali (Warwick)

Teaching Islamic Law in the Western Academe

Chair: Dr Sara Salem

15:30   University, Commons and State

Richard Elliott (Edinburgh) Power to the People: What do Student-led Changes to University Curricula Mean for Academic Freedom?

Dr Mike Finn (Warwick) Academic Freedom in the UK: The Question of the State

Chair: Dr Lisa Tilley

17:00     Prof Robbie Shilliam (QMUL)

How Black Deficit Entered into the Academy

Chair: Dr Meleisa Ono-George

18:00    Closing remarks and drinks reception